How to Find the Perfect Running Shoe For You

It is not difficult to see if a shoe is stable or not. Normally, these shoes have a different color and often a different material on the sole, especially on the area of the heel and the arch on the inner part of the foot. You can rely on labels or experience with other shoes, but if you want a good advice you should consider store associates when shopping.

Everyone is different, with their special needs, and if you are concerned about injuries, if you normally suffer from ankles or another articulation, you should see a doctor to screen for any concerns. Every type of shoe comes in different widths. When you go to a store, they normally know how to see what shoe fits you perfectly. We normally go to a size slightly larger than our perfect one, especially if the shoe is sung on the sides. Widths usually go from the smallest size, AA, to the wider such as EEE. A regular size for ladies is a B, while a normal size for men is D.

After years shopping shoes, as an athlete, I can say that the best places to shop where you find employees with expertise are stores like Academy, Dick’s Sporting Goods and brands stores like New Balance. I found that in stores like Foot Locker, Nike megastore, people are more concerned about fashion and tendencies, and for performance shoes I think that is not the most important issue.

The price of special addressed running shoes, whatever the brand, is usually on the same range. If you go from the shoes with lowest support to the highest, the price will rise as well. Now, imagine you are comparing a shoe from Asics and another from Adidas, and both shoes have a high support level, the price will be about $90, and the specifications will be similar as well. The difference that is between similar shoes from different brands will be the way they fit your foot. Same brands fit better than another, even having the same specifications and announced benefits. So, logically, the specifications an benefits of a $40 running shoe and a $100 one, will never be the same.